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THE Mr. Cobi

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You've seen him on Facebook, Instagram, and LIVE spreading God's word with laughter and humility. now he's got his own podcast with amazing guests discussing the funniest parts of life and how to face the darkest times with humor and gratitude!

The Pawfice

Ever see a service dog in public? Ever wonder who trains those canines to be on their best behavior at all times? Are you curious on about the "behind-the-scenes" goings on about the world of dog breeding and training?
Join Rachel Hall as she discusses the finer points of the working dog world and hear brilliant stories from some of the most amazing breeders and trainers in the industry.


Pastor Antione Lassiter from Think Kingdom church talks with church leaders about important topics in the American Church. Listen to how some of the most devoted teachers and pastors navigate their positions and their personal lives while attempting to be good shepherds of the congregations God has put in their charge. Living, Loving, Leading, Learning, and Laughing all while remaining close to King of Kings.