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THIS is Church + Main (a Three Kings Studios production)
A short film/series

A very successful Rock Band’s Founder and Front Man, Christian Graves, has an untold past, because most of it isn’t pretty and too painful to acknowledge. Through a series of unexpected events, and many diverse people in his world, we get to see what happens when Jesus continues to draw near.

Church + Main will tell relevant stories about real world “stuff”. God can, and will, use the most unlikely of us. It’s about showing His love, and about His grace for ALL people. As humans, we are flawed and we make mistakes, but through the Christ-centered characters of Church + Main, we learn about redemption when we miss the mark.

Three Kings Studios exists to produce and promote great Hollywood quality entertainment with Christian values. We strive for relevant, family friendly, viewing that demonstrates how God’s love is the same yesterday, today and ALL of the tomorrows. We see this style of storytelling as our ministry, and our goal is to reach millions. Your monetary contributions will assist with our continued efforts in bringing Christian entertainment to the screen, and for mainstream viewing.


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